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Legoland Deutschland

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Basic Information

Address: Gunzburg, Bavaria 89312, Germany
Phone: 49 (0) 180-5-700-757

Trip Planning

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Splash Battle

News & Misc.

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Dragon Hunt


Dragon Hunt The ideal alternative for those too small to ride Fire Dragon.
Fire Dragon Welcome to the middle ages! Ride on the back of this dragon for a crazy ride!
Project X - Test Strecke This wild ride leads you along a steep switchback track with lots of sharp bends.
Legoland Express

Other Attractions

Adventure Playground Adventure Playground offers many different levels and pathways to explore.
Airport Let the kids climb aboard and fly up and down in circles.
Aquazone Wave Racers A refreshing splash or two, whether you like it or not.
Canoe X-pedition Explorers wanted! Paddle into a land of adventures.
Captain Nick's Splash Battle Prove your courage and skill in this exciting ship battle.
Caterpillar Ride A fast-spinning carrousel for parents and children.
Driving School Where else can children get their own driver's license?
  Duplo Express Young engine drivers will love the Duplo Express.
Project X Duplo Playground A whole city to play in!
Flying Ninjago Experience the flair of Asia from high above.
Harbour Cruise Boat trips are always fun, especially when you get to drive.
Jungle X-pedition An exciting discovery tour awaits you here.
Junior Driving School The driving school for younger children.
Lego Factory Come see how lego bricks are produced at this real Lego factory.
Lego Studios A fascinating movie adventue is waiting for you!
Legoland Express A round trip tour of the park where you can relax with the family.
  Observation Tower Travel up high in the sky and take in the fantastic views over the park.
Safari Tour Pedal-A-Car High above, guests can pedal their car around the park.
Piccolini Power Tower At the Power Tower, everybody can prove their strength!
Pirate Playground All smaller pirates can test how good they are at climbing!
Pirate School Younger pirates can undergo training with the pirates to get seaworthy!
Royal Joust Get ready for this medieval contest!
Safari Tour Experience life size gorillas, elephants and giraffes up close.
Shipyard Playground The shipyard next to the port is a paradise for climbers and crawlers.
Techno Tea Cups Dizzy spins in a Lego Technic Design setup.