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Freizeitpark Plohn

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Basic Information

Address: Rodewischer Straße 21, Lengenfeld, Thuringia 08485, Germany
Phone: 03 76 06 / 3 41 63

Trip Planning

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News & Misc.

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El Toro


El Toro Let the bull free on the wild wood roller coaster to El Toro!
Plohseidon Rides with Plohni by the brand-new maritime shell world!
Raupe Amazingly speedily for their body abundance the crawler-type coaster.
Silver Mine With very fast mine trucks in speed intoxication turn out.

Other Attractions

Bullriding Hot ride on wild bull obligingly/pleasingly?
Children's Train Step away of the platform edge and departure.
Climbing Mountain On it goes always firmly into airy heights, the summit in the eye!
Fairy Tale Roundabout As in the fairy tale - turn your rounds on the sweet horses.
Flint Journey Flint comes on large stone time journey with Fred.
Flint of Gunboats On to the wet battle in the stone time style!
Freefall Tower On into airy heights - into the nest of the enormous Flugsauriers.
  Funny Boats Here are you the captain on the Plohner lakes!
Rodeo Go Kartbahn Who does the next world champion become?
Grusel Scooter Uncanny sounds, bright eyes in the darkness - trust you!
Holzmichl Mansion Who fights itself upward here, receives a future view from Holzmichl personally.
Hopping Castle Hop hop Hurray.
Horse Carriage Mounted and loosely!
Kite Swing With the mystischen kite swing into airy heights swing.
Largest Tree House Welcome in of Germany largest and craziest tree house.
Mini Scooter Cat & Mouse Like Katz and Maus on quick paws on the way.
  Mushroom Roundabout Elephant, bear & CO.
Train Nostalgia Horse Roundabout How would it be with eim ride on our charmful horse roundabout?
Old Timer Trip At wheel of genuine Oldies and you are the drivers.
Pony Adventure Hüa, on goes it to large adventures on the horseback!
Raft Trip Of because of cosy raft trip - final hitting a corner in the Dinoreich!
Slide Savage Sow Note: The few can stop after the first trip!!
Talking Baron Roundabout Fly, fly, fly - small pilot.
Torture Chamber Highly outside, steeply down - with refreshment warranty!
Trampoline Plant Giant leaps and giant fun on the large Trampolinanlage.
  Western Rodeo How do you create many rounds on our wild bulls?
  Westerneisenbahn With the Dampfross straight through the wild west.
  Wichtelbahn Goes on discovery journey through the dwarf country.