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Basic Information

Address: US Highway 30, Ligonier, PA
Phone: (724) 238-3666
Flying Aces

Trip Planning

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Story Book Forest

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Rollo Coaster


Rollo Coaster Its trains carry riders along a wooded hillside then turn around & return to the station.
Wild Mouse Hidden among the mighty trees is a modern version of the classic roller coaster.

Other Attractions

Adult Handcars A large version of the popular handcars that all children love.
Alligator Swamp Pull your raft across the "swamp" using a rope and pulley.
Ballon Race Eight gondolas shaped like hot-air balloons spin while rising into the air.
Bigfoot's Mudslide What could be more fun than Sliding Down the Jungle hillside?
Bubbling Springs Jump into the Jungle's huge Ball Pit!
Captain Kidd's Adventure Galley Featuring six waterslides and dozens of interactive spray features!
Caterpillar The Caterpillar is a set of linked cars that speed around a circular track.
  Cattail Derby A miniature version of the popular bumper car - just for little kids.
Paul Bunyan's Loggin Toboggan Confusion Hill A ten to fifteen minute walking tour through a very peculiar place.
Dino Soars Each child gets to ride on their very own dinosaur.
Dizzy Lizzy's Watch as you rotate head over heels - or at least think you do.
Doddlebug Doodlebug is a green trolley for children that runs on two rails in a circular fashion.
Ferris Wheel From the top of this wheel, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Laurel Highlands.
Flying Aces You can be the pilot on your very own flight aboard one of ten planes.
Flying Turtles Race around the course on these unique scooters.
Howler Twist around like a tornado on one of eight, four-seater cars.
  Hydro Racers Four head-first racing slides.
Rollo Coaster Hydro Soakers A fun way to spray everyone in your group!
Jungle Catch Tons of fun as the balls float on air!
Jungle Organ Play your very own tune on this gigantic musical instrument!
Little Rascals Children sit down on the handcar and move themselves along the rails.
Little Squirts The children's pool and water fun area.
Loyalhanna Limited Railroad The LLRR takes passengers on a peaceful ride from around the park.
Merry Go Round This classic Merry-Go-Round is the centerpiece of the Olde Idlewild theme area.
Motorcycles Children can "rev" up the good times on their own motorcycle that's just their size.
  Neighborhood of Make-Believe Guests can meet and converse with many of their Neighborhood friends.
Spider Net Climb Can you climb all the way to the top?
Paratrooper Ten umbrella-covered seats resembling parachutes spin counter-clockwise.
Paul Bunyan's Loggin Toboggan The log boats meander amid the mighty trees and rustic surroundings.
Pipeline Plunge Twist down one of two twisting pipelines in a two-person raft while dropping 50 feet.
Pollywog Regatta Every child can be the captain of their own boat as they navigate Raccoon Lagoon.
Rafter's Run All the fun of a water slide, but on a raft.
Rainbow Wheel A smaller version of the popular Ferris Wheel.
Red Baron Eight classic airplanes go up and down as they are controlled by the young "aces".
  Ricky's Racers A beautiful miniature car ride through the trees.
Wild Mouse Safari Hut Atop the Safari Hut you can observe all of the Jungle's wildlife and fun.
Scampers Miniature antique cars moving together in a circular manner.
Scrambler The four cars at the end of each arm spin in a circular fashion.
Serpentine Slides Two twisting and turning slides with a big splash at the end!
Skooters Riders drive their bumper cars around in any direction bumping into everyone.
Spider Riders hold on tightly as they are tossed, dipped, and spun in every direction.
Story Book Forest Where dreams are real, and so are your Story Book Friends!
Super Round-Up A large circular ride where riders face toward the center.
  Swinging Bridge Steady, you cross this moving bridge!
Paratrooper Tarzan Swing Just like Tarzan on the vine...let us hear your jungle call!
Tea Party Parents can enjoy taking a "spin" with their children in one of 6 life size tea cups.
Tilt-A-Whirl Riders sit in one of seven cars that are fixed to a pivot allowing each car to spin.
Tipping Bucket Hundreds of gallons of water dumping all over you and your friends.
Tipping Cones A fun, easy way to get wet!
Tree House Three story fun for everyone!
Tunnel Crawl Like the net climb, but enclosed on four sides!
Turtles Children and their parents can ride together in one of three linked turtles.
  Whip It features 12 cars that "crack the whip" at either turn-around.
  Wowabunga Wave Pool Catch a wave with the family in this wave pool.


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